Sunday, February 05, 2012

Adaalat: Episode 94, 95 - 4th-5th February 2012

Adaalat: Aghori Baba Jaganan Gets Arrested - Episode 94 - 4th February 2012
2 foreigners Amenda and Steven with an Indian guide visits Haridwar to conduct research on Aghori Baba and their life style but a massive incident occurs as one of the student of Jaganan Maharaj named Chandi das baba misbehaves with Amenda who was taking Aghori Baba Jaganan's interview and Jagnan fumes in anger and curses Steven and Steven dies. Chandi das calls K.D.Pathak to save Jaganan maharaj. Chandi das speaks lie in court and Jagnan curses him and he dies. Will court punish Aghori Baba Jagnan Maharaj ?

Adaalat: Aghori Baba Jaganan Gets Angry - Episode 95 - 5th February 2012
K.D.Pathak tries to explain court that Chandi das's death is not a natural death but defense lawyer Panth disclose that Chandi das's death is well planned murder later, Aghori Baba Jaganan curses defense lawyer Panth that he will soon die due to heart attack and Panth gets tensed and he also dies but K.D.Pathak tries to prove that he died to to sever health problem. Jaganan Maharaj's wife Dulari devi reveals that he does not exsist for her and she is trying hard to take his signatures on her property papers. later Baba gets angry and curses K.D.Pathak that he will die drowning in the lake and K.D.Pathak falls in the water. Will K.D.Pathak save Aghori Baba? Who killed Steven, Chandi Das and Panthji?